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January 28 @ 9:00 a.m. to noon – Annual City Council Planning Session
Council Chambers (100 Civic Center Drive)

  • Agenda, when published, available here
    • Early each year, the Council holds a “retreat,” usually on a Saturday morning, at which it discusses and tentatively selects its goals for the rest of the calendar year.

January 30 @ 5:00 pm – Aviation Committee 
Community Room (adjacent to Council Chambers — 100 Civic Center Drive)

February 1 @ 6:00 pm – General Plan Update Steering and Advisory Committees
Community Room (adjacent to City Council Chambers, 100 Civic Center Drive)

  • Look for agenda here
    • The existing GPUSC and the newly-formed GPAC will be holding their second joint meeting to flesh out the process for completing their task of recommending a comprehensive update to the City’s General Plan.
    • It appears the GPUSC will select a chair and vice chair for the GPAC, which will additionally organize into a series of subcommittees, each tasked with reviewing one element (chapter) of the existing plan.



    • SPON’s Annual Meeting of the full membership and guests will be held in person on Saturday, September 24, starting at 10:00 a.m. at the Environmental Nature Center on East 16th Street, adjacent to the Newport Harbor High School north parking lot.
    • Charlene Reynolds, the recently-appointed new John Wayne Airport Director, will be the featured speaker.

County News

    • A petition was circulated protesting the proposed sale by the County to an adjacent homeowner of 0.32 acres at the northern end of its Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. Enough signatures were collected to cause the Board of Supervisors to abandon a proposed May 11 vote to complete the sale. The SPON Board of Directors wrote in support of the petition and encouraged others to express their concerns as well. However, in a closed session on July 27, the Board of Supervisors evidently instructed City staff to ignore the request in the petitions for removal of the private fencing on public land, and to inform the adjacent land owner no action to remove it would be taken. As a result, the 0.32 acres, and more, remain closed to the public and open only to the adjacent homeowner. More here.

Airport News

    • See press release:  SPON recently created a formal Aviation Committee, consisting of selected board members and interested parties, to sharpen its longstanding focus  on airport and aviation issues affecting the quality of life in Newport Beach.
    • The City has submitted a letter in response to the FAA solicitation of public comment on a recently-published paper reviewing its studies affecting aircraft noise policy. Look under “Letters” on the City’s JWA Documents and Resources page.

City Government News (General Plan Update)

    • The City has submitted to the state Department of Housing and Community Development several drafts of an updated General Plan Housing Element showing how 4,845 new dwelling units (and more) can be added to the City by 2029. It is currently awaiting comments on a November 12, 2021, version, which was revised in response to HCD comments on an August 13, 2021, one. Those comments are not expected until January. But meanwhile, the City’s Planning Commission will be reviewing the November 12 draft on December 9
    • The City has also posted an initial draft of an updated General Plan Circulation Element, showing a plan to accommodate the traffic from the new dwelling units that could be added by 2029, and more. It was reviewed by the Planning Commission on March 18 and was the subject of a virtual workshop for the public on April 5, with public comments due by April 30, 2021,. Unlike the Housing Element, it does not require state review and there does not seem to be a deadline for adoption. The initial plan to adopt it at the same time as the Housing Element appears to have been abandoned. Details here.
    • Prior to adoption by the City Council of both the Housing and Circulation Elements, it was said an Environmental Impact Report had to be prepared and provided for public review. A Scoping Meeting, at which the topics to be analyzed will be debated, was held on August 16, 2021  However, it has since been announced that work on this has been suspended as it has been determined it is not needed for adoption of the Housing Element, but only prior to adoption of a new Circulation Element and Land Use Element
    • As Item 5 on its January 11, 2022, consent calendar, the Council will be asked to give the Mayor the power to create a 3-member General Plan Update Committee that will oversee the operations of a future, larger, as-yet-to-be-determined citizens General Plan Update Advisory Committee.

State News

  • SPON is concerned about a number of bills wending their way through the legislative process in Sacramento that, if approved, would further erode local citizens ability to control land use decisions impacting  their quality of life. Among them:
    • AB 1322: Authorizes city councils to ignore existing voter-approved measures — such as Greenlight — if they make a finding that the measure conflicts with any state law pertaining to housing.
      • Under AB 1322, a city council could effectively and permanently void a voter-enacted measure by holding a single hearing on ten days notice. Citizens disagreeing with the council’s decision must file a court challenge within 30 days, and to succeed in that challenge, they must convince the judge, based solely on the evidence and arguments presented at the council hearing, that the council’s decision was “arbitrary and capricious.”
      • This bill passed in the Assembly on April 29 (Assembly member Petrie-Norris was one of 22 members who voted “no”) and is now being considered by the state Senate.
    • SB 9: This bill would allow, under certain conditions and without any hearings or environmental review, the development of four units on any property zoned for single family residential use by splitting the lot and building a duplex on each half.
      • This bill passed in the Senate on May 26 (State Senator Min voted “yes”) and is now being considered by the Assembly.
  • By contrast, SPON supports the following:
    • ACA 7: This is a measure that would have the legislature place on the 2022 ballot a state constitutional amendment giving local land use regulations precedence over state laws in all instances other than: (1) the Coastal Act, (2) power plant siting, and (3) water and transportation infrastructure projects of statewide concern.
      • Unfortunately, the bill is not moving through the process at the moment and its prospects seem dim.

Annual Meetings

SPON’s 2021 Annual Meeting of the general membership (the 46th) was held on Saturday, May 29 at 10:00 a.m.  Due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions, it was conducted online, via Zoom. Attendees participated in an extended discussion of the City’s Housing Element Update process and options.

SPON’s 2020 Annual Meeting (which would have been its 46th) had long been planned to be held in person at the Environmental Nature Center, as has been our custom for many years, with presentations and brunch. Unfortunately, that had to be canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings.

SPON’s 2019 Annual Meeting was a great success with nearly 100 participants joining us for our complimentary brunch and speakers program, which included Randall English (Newport Bay Conservancy), Newport Beach Council member Jeff Herdman and State Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (AD 74).

2019 Meeting Photos here for you to enjoy!

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Former Council Member and SPON Co-Founder Jean Watt asks tough questions about Team Newport’s agenda . . .

and about the appropriateness of the proposed Koll Center Residences project…

Planning Commissioner Erik Weigand takes issue with developer’s “pay to play” statement

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