Still Protecting Our Newport (SPON)

To protect and preserve the environmental and residential qualities of Newport Beach.

Newport Beach would be a very different place without SPON.  We have been working since 1974 to preserve and protect the environmental and residential qualities of Newport Beach. Our focus areas include:
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SPON is dedicated to preserving the charm and beauty of Newport Beach, as mandated by voters in the 2006 General Plan Vision Statement.   Adherence to the City’s residential character and density makes it crucial to form zoning and planning regulations that promote this vision.  Sustaining the City of Newport Beach as an unparalleled place to live, visit and work is the intended outcome.

SPON began after a 1974 torrential rainstorm filled Newport Bay with trash.  This served as a catalyst to begin the work of protecting Newport Beach’s unique environment.  A core group of citizens, and a variety of groups, led the way for much needed environmental awareness of Newport Bay.  Other crucial issues such as the expansion of John Wayne Airport, intensity of planned development, persistent and growing traffic, building density, loss of open space, and the protection of resources all became core concerns to the early SPON members.

Today SPON continues to maintain vigilance as it relates to preserving the unique character of our City.  To that end, SPON cooperates with many non-profit organizations, homeowner associations, our City, County, and organizations such as:

Newport Bay Conservancy
Air Fair

Banning Ranch Conservancy
  Green Vision Project
Coalition to Protect Mainers Mile

Environmental Nature Center
Airport Working Group
Orange Coast River Park
Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks

Newport Beach would be a different place without SPON.

SPON is for everyone.  Please join us as we work to protect and preserve Newport Beach.  SPON dues and general contributions are tax deductible. 

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