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SPON News: The Annual Meeting has been set for Saturday, May 29 at 10:00 a.m. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 concerns it will be held electronically. To participate, please see the RSVP page and submit your reservation by May 27. Members who have paid dues in the current calendar year may vote.

County News:

    • A petition has been circulated protesting the proposed sale by the County to an adjacent homeowner of 0.32 acres at the northern end of its Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. Enough signatures were collected to cause the Board of Supervisors to abandon a proposed May 11 vote to complete the sale. The SPON Board of Directors wrote in support of the petition and encourages others to express their concerns as well.  More here.

Airport News:

    • See press release:  SPON recently created a formal Aviation Committee, consisting of selected board members and interested parties, to sharpen its longstanding focus  on airport and aviation issues affecting the quality of life in Newport Beach.
    • The City has submitted a letter in response to the FAA solicitation of public comment on a recently-published paper reviewing its studies affecting aircraft noise policy. Look under “Letters” on the City’s JWA Documents and Resources page.

City Government News (General Plan Update):

    • The City has posted an initial draft of an updated General Plan Housing Element showing how 4,845 new dwelling units (and more) can be added to the City by 2029. It was made available for public examination on March 10, prior to an initial review by the Housing Element Update Advisory Committee on March 17 and a virtual workshop on March 22, followed by further review by the HEUAC on March 31 and at study sessions by the Planning Commission on April 8 and City Council on April 27. Written comments on the draft are officially due by April 30. Staff has said that on May 15 (or 14?) it will submit something to the state for comment. The state will have 60 days to respond. To avoid penalties, staff has said a final version must be approved by the City Council by October 15. However, it appears there is no penalty if it is adopted by February 15Details here. Prior to adoption by the City Council, an Environmental Impact Report must be prepared and provided for public review. The timetable for that has not been announced.

Note: City staff has already proposed revisions not reflected in the draft currently posted for review. A modified draft including those and possibly other revisions has been promised prior to the April 27 Council study session but an exact date for its release has not been announced.

    • The City has also posted an initial draft of an updated General Plan Circulation Element, showing a plan to accommodate the traffic from the new dwelling units that could be added by 2029, and more. It was reviewed by the Planning Commission on March 18 and will be the subject of a virtual workshop for the public on April 5. Public comments on it are also due by April 30. Unlike the Housing Element, it does not require state review and there does not seem to be a deadline for adoption, but it appears the plan is to adopt it at the same time as the Housing Element.  Details here.

Important Upcoming Dates

(see SPON Calendar for additional listings)

May 11 @ 4:00 p.m. – City Council Meeting (<– note new start time)
Civic Center – Council Chambers
(100 Civic Center Drive)

  • Agenda, when published, available here (usually by 4:00 pm on Thursday before meeting)
  • Insider’s Guide : City Manager’s preview of agenda items
  • 4:00 p.m. – Study Session
    • Presentation by the Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District
    • Overview of development impact fees
  • 5:30 p.m. – Regular Meeting
    • Introduction of ordinance amending citation fees and citation appeal period (PA2021-079)
    • Vacation of Existing Public Utilities Easement at 628 Malabar Drive
    • Resolution supporting Assembly Bill 327: COVID-19 Vaccination Status: prohibition on required disclosure
    • Resolutions of Intention to disestablish the Corona del Mar Business Improvement District and renew the Newport Beach Restaurant Association BID
    • Approval of contracts for alley sweeping,  erosion control, financial audit services and extension of temporary employment of principal planner
    • Public hearing for MU-DW Zoning Code amendment to allow gyms & restaurants in the mixed use area along Dover Drive (PA2020-316)
    • Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

May 12 @ noon – Applications due for City Boards and Commissions

  • Applications are due for the June appointments to fill this year’s “vacancies” on the City’s boards and commissions. Note that many of these positions have incumbents who would normally be reappointed if they apply and have not yet served two terms (see Roster of current appointments).

May 13 @ 10:00 am – Zoning Administrator hearing
(Public participation by Zoom only)

May 29 @ 10:00 am – SPON Annual Meeting (Zoom — make reservation by May 27)

    • Program Highlights
      • Nominees for Board of Directors
      • Approve 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes
      • Treasurer’s Report
      • Review of 2020 Accomplishments
    • This is the annual meeting at which the full SPON membership has a chance to hear updates on activities and plans and vote on their representation on the board.
    • Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions it will have to be held virtually, online, via Zoom.
    • An invitation will be sent to all persons on the SPON mailing list, but please make your reservation now by submitting the form on the RSVP page. Only members who have paid dues during the current year will be eligible to vote.

Annual Meetings

SPON’s 2021 Annual Meeting of the general membership (the 46th) has been set for Saturday, May 29 at 10:00 a.m.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it will need to be conducted online, via Zoom. To participate, visit the RSVP page and submit your reservation by May 27.

SPON’s 2020 Annual Meeting (which would have been its 46th) had long been planned to be held in person at the Environmental Nature Center, as has been our custom for many years, with presentations and brunch. Unfortunately, that had to be canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings.

SPON’s 2019 Annual Meeting was a great success with nearly 100 participants joining us for our complimentary brunch and speakers program, which included Randall English (Newport Bay Conservancy), Newport Beach Council member Jeff Herdman and State Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (AD 74).

2019 Meeting Photos here for you to enjoy!

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Food for Thought . . .

Watch this space for articles and commentary on topics or issues that we are following.

Former Council Member and SPON Co-Founder Jean Watt asks tough questions about Team Newport’s agenda . . .

and about the appropriateness of the proposed Koll Center Residences project…

Planning Commissioner Erik Weigand takes issue with developer’s “pay to play” statement

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