The 1985 JWA Settlement Agreement came into effect in l985.  Since that year, SPON has been committed to insuring that the Agreement is properly monitored and enforced.  Being one of four original signatories to the Agreement, when amendments have been added, SPON has had a place at the table in order to defend the Agreement, and to protect the quality of life for residents who are affected by the airport operations.  The Average Daily Departures (ADD) and the Million Annual Passengers (MAP) continue to be the main focus of SPON.  Preparing for the re-negotiation of the Settlement Agreement is a current project of SPON. 

Newport Beach Aviation Committee - SPON maintains a seat on the City’s Aviation Committee to track airport operations, and to ensure that all terms of the Settlement Agreement are being met.  SPON encouraged the City to expand its communication to residents and provide increased education on aviation topics. 

Fly Friendly Program- SPON members have recently worked with the Newport Beach Aviation Committee, the County of Orange, and JWA to develop the voluntary Fly Friendly Program to help mitigate noises and pollution impacts from general aviation aircraft.

General Aviation Improvement Program (GAIP) - SPON advocated for limits to JWA’s GAIP operations, but the County opted to grow the operations instead. GA operational expansion represents the most significant threat to Newport Beach residents’ quality of life because GA jets today are bigger and louder than ever before.