Newport Beach is a gem of a City.  And that is by no accident.  Our City celebrates a unique environment largely because SPON members and citizens have taken the initiative to:

  • Limit the number of flights and passengers using Orange County Airport and maintain the current night curfew
  • Stop a coastal freeway from dividing Newport Beach in two
  • Limit the height of buildings ringing the waterfront
  • Keep the Upper Bay an undeveloped and natural estuary
  • Provide adequate numbers of pump-out stations for boats
  • Require housing developers to dedicate land for public parks
  • Promote a cleaner bay and stop inland nurseries from releasing algae-producing nutrients that run into the bay
  • Convince the Irvine Company to dedicate open space around the Upper Bay
  • Require developments that generate traffic to improve traffic flow on streets and intersections
  • Keep beaches and the bay clean with periodic clean-up events

SPON is for everyone. Please join us as we work to protect and preserve Newport Beach’s unique environment. SPON dues are tax deductible. General contributions are too, and are always welcome and put to good use.

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