Petition Update: 150 Newport Center

Planning Commission Meeting
As of August 30: 1,420 signatures gathered!  See recap here.

City Council Meeting – September 27 (pending confirmation)
There is still time to sign the petition requesting that City Council deny this project.  If you did not sign in time for the Planning Commission Meeting, please do so now before City Council meets.  Petition is open until September 22 (sign here if you have not yet done so).

Important Upcoming Dates

Election Forums: Vote Responsibly. Vote Informed.
September 10, September 14, September 15, September 22, September 28 & October 5
Information on Election Forums can be found here.

Coastal Commission Hearing: Banning Ranch
September 7, 9:00 a.m. (Exact time of Banning Ranch hearing uncertain)
Newport Beach Civic Center

  • Meeting information here
  • Hearing Procedures here
  • It’s official!  The Coastal Commission will meet and vote on the Banning Ranch project right here in Newport Beach on September 7.  Banning Ranch, Item 14d, is the final substantive item on the day’s agenda. Come early to get a seat and show how much we care about our coastline and quality of life.  .  Read more . . .

Coastal Commission Hearing:
Newport Beach Local Coastal Program Implementation Plan
September 8, 9:00 a.m. (Exact time of LCP hearing uncertain)
Newport Beach Civic Center

  • Agenda here
  • The Commission will consider certifying rules that would turn much of the coastal permitting (that is: determining whether development projects comply with the Coastal Act) over to the City.  This is scheduled as Item 21c, the last on the day’s agenda.

City Council Study Session:  Short-Term Lodging
September 13 (start time pending; normally late afternoon)
Civic Center Council Chambers

September 26 @ 6:00 pm Mariners’ Mile Master Plan: Community Workshop

City Council Meeting: 150 Newport Center
September 27 (pending confirmation)
Civic Center Council Chambers

September 30 @ 5:30 p.m.  Museum House EIR Comments Deadline

Food for Thought . . .

Watch this space for articles and commentary on topics or issues that we are following.

Former Council Member and SPON Co-Founder Jean Watt asks tough questions about Team Newport’s agenda . . . and so should we.

Resident Allen Drucker ponders tradeoffs between water shortage and development

Planning Commissioner Erik Weigand takes issue with developer’s “pay to play” statement

Matching Gift 2 Update

SPON is fortunate to have received a second Matching Gift Challenge for $10,000 which we  begin working on right now.  We have many challenges ahead of us in 2016, and your support helps us research, advocate and communicate with you on the things that threaten the environmental and residential qualities of Newport Beach.

               Goal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,000
               Receipts (9/06/16) . . . . .   $3,510

Please consider making your tax-deductible contribution now.

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A very special thank you to the two generous Newport Beach families who each pledged $10,000 in matching gifts to support our efforts to monitor development projects and engage our supporters through education and public outreach efforts.

And thank you to each and every supporter who made the commitment to provide the financial support we need to meet these important Matching Gift Challenges.

Our Pledge

As environmental and residential quality-of-life advocates, we continuously monitor proposed development projects, and their resulting traffic impact, as they make their way to the Planning Commission, City Council and California Coastal Commission.  We keep you informed of projects that will jeopardize the residential and environmental qualities that we fought so hard to maintain, whether within our own city limits or projects initiated by neighboring cities that will impact Newport Beach.

We stay connected to our inclusive and growing network of supporters, neighbors and friends, using a variety of communication tools to do so.  Attend our member meetings, visit our website and subscribe to our E-Newsletters. Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter.  And visit our YouTube channel to view Planning Commission videos.

Looking Back | Planning Forward

We at SPON thank you for your past support both in time and/or treasure to continue working to maintain the high quality of life we enjoy in Newport Beach. SPON‘s concerns and input are considered by city staff, council members, and committees and commissions because of your backing.

The resounding defeat of Measure Y sent a clear message that perhaps was not well heard. The business-as-usual attitude continues, and changes to the general plan continue full speed. “Planned Communities” that are supposed to be ten acres are put on one acre without concern; height limits which were raised from 35 to 50 feet are quietly allowed to go higher; spot zoning is casually used to defeat the intent of the general plan.

The City of Newport Beach is not unique in this trend of spot development. Our neighbors in Costa Mesa are seeing exceptions popping up like mushrooms and are responding by pushing for their own “Greenlight” initiative. A more distant neighbor, Hollywood, is seeing community reaction to massive development exceptions to their general plan.

The influence SPON has with commissions and elected officials is directly related to the strength of our membership. Elected officials and commissioners take note . . . and listen . . . when the meeting room is full of our supporters. We have seen that time and again this year in city and state government meetings: Newport Coast Entitlement Rights “error”, Newport Center Villas (site of Beacon Bay Car Wash), Back Bay Landing (adjacent to Bayside Village Mobile Home Park), West Newport-Mesa height zoning amendment, Banning Ranch development, and more.

The year 2016 is going to present challenges and opportunities for the quality of life in our community. SPON will be there to meet those challenges and to capitalize on the opportunities.

We hope that you will continue supporting SPON with your time, your treasure, and your continued willingness to participate when called on.

Get Involved

If you are already a SPON member or supporter, thank you!  If you are not familiar with SPON and its ongoing work spanning more than 40 years, we encourage you to learn more about us.  Take a look at our Achievements, what we are About, and what we Treasure by clicking on the tabs above. And then click on the Support page to find out how you can help us protect and preserve the residential and environmental qualities of Newport Beach.

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Newsletter – Winter/Spring 2016 Edition

Topics covered in this newsletter include:

  • Recent accomplishments
  • New development projects that jeopardize the beauty and peace of our coastline
  • New community outreach opportunities
  • Important upcoming dates to save

2016 Winter/Spring Newsletter here.


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