Our Pledge for 2015

We will continuously monitor proposed development projects and resulting traffic impacts which will inevitably come before the Planning Commission, City Council and California Coastal Commission.  And we plan to keep you informed of projects that will jeopardize the residential and environmental qualities that we fought so hard to maintain, whether within our own city limits or projects initiated by neighboring cities that will impact Newport Beach.

We will stay connected with our inclusive and growing network of supporters, neighbors and friends.  We will use a variety of communication tools to do so, including our website, email, Facebook, Twitter and member meetings.

Our Watch List

Visit our Watch List  for details on the following projects and issues that we are currently monitoring.  Know of an important project not on this list?  Contact us with the details and we will review it for publication here.

General Plan Projects Update (Feb ’15)
Local Coastal Plan (Feb ’15)

Back Bay Landing Project (Feb ’15)
Corona del Mar High School Field/Stadium Renovation (Feb ’15)
Banning Ranch Conservancy – Habitat Destruction (Updated Mar ’15)

Get Involved

If you are already a SPON member or supporter, thank you!  If you are not familiar with SPON and its ongoing work spanning more than 40 years, we encourage you to learn more about us.  Take a look at our Achievements, what we are About, and what we Treasure by clicking on the tabs above. And then click on the Support page to find out how you can help us protect and preserve the residential and environmental qualities of Newport Beach.

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Stop Polluting Our Newport (SPON) is a 501.c.3 non-profit public education organization working to protect and preserve the residential and environmental qualities of
Newport Beach.

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