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St. James the Great

Sale of St. James the Great Episcopal Church to Legacy Partners Residential (June 2015)
St. James the Great Episcopal Church in Lido Village has been purchased and developers plan to build 22 high-end townhomes in place of the popular house of worship.

The congregation is working hard to save St. James the Great Episcopal Church.  For more information about this community church and the efforts of its congregation, please visit their website here.

The congregation believes St. James the Great is a relevant 21st century church that embraces technology, welcomes all people and attracts a weekly stream of visitors and new members with a unique preaching and teaching style, radical hospitality, educational programs, creative community events and outreach, dinners, culinary and wine tasting events, lifestyle events and most importantly, a rich church experience and a holistic approach to faith that is enriched with amazing music program, pastoral support and counseling.

Some groups are using their NextDoor Community Blogs to post information about St. James as a way of informing and engaging other residents on this issue.  Here is a sample of what was posted on the Dover Shores NextDoor Blog.  You may want to share it with your neighbors or copy and add it to your own community’s NextDoor Blog.

As you may have read in today’s Daily Pilot, St. James Church near Lido island has been sold to a developer and is slated to be torn down. In its place will be built 22 jammed together three story town homes of the kind that we see springing up everywhere. What a shame to lose that beautiful church that has been serving that neighborhood and all of Newport Beach for as long as most of us can remember. Many of us have wonderful memories of that place. Weddings, Church Suppers, and Memorial services. Let’s try to save it.if you would like to object to this development let your feelings be known. Write the Newport Beach City Council and ask them not to change the permitted use of that land (citycouncil@newportbeachca.gov ). Write the Daily Pilot ( john.canalis@latimes.com ) and share some of your memories with the readers and state your objection to the demolition.

Press articles and Letters to the Editor are also being published in all our local papers.  We’ll try to keep a current list here for your easy reference.

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