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CdM High School Stadium Project

Corona del Mar High School Field/Stadium Renovation: Article by Phil Milner (2/2015): The Newport Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) has funding for $7.4 million of capital improvements earmarked for an artificial turf field at the current football/track location, new track surface and increased seating for the current 600 to 1,000 total seating capacity.  Private funding (estimated at an additional $6.7 million) would cover additional field lighting, 375 additional seats, a public-address system, snack bar, restrooms, press box with elevator and possibly a team room.

The Newport Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) has funding for $7.4 million of capital improvements from the return tax dollars formerly committed to the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa redevelopment agencies.  Coach Sumner and other contributors offered to raise private money ($6.7 million) to fund additional amenities. This money was to be channeled through the Corona Del Mar Foundation to the School District.  The School Board voted unanimously December 9, 2104 to have their staff prepare a Scope of Work for the project as laid out with the requirement of an MOU from the CDM Foundation pledging the additional funds as needed.

To date, the MOU from the CDM Foundation has not come forward.  Additionally, the School Board has asked their Staff to take the field lights out of the privately funded add-ons and placed into the District funded portion of the project with an anticipated added cost of $.9 million.  A vote on the changed Scope of Work for the field/stadium renovations by the NMUSD was cast on February 10 with the School Board deciding (7-0) that the district should pick up the cost after it pays for new lighting at Costa Mesa High School fields.

Our community (Eastbluff and five other HOAs in close proximity to CdM HS) generally supports what was the original plan including an artificial multi-sport field, resurfaced track and added seating to a maximum of 1,000 seats (the number of seats that would accommodate graduation ceremonies at this location). We strongly oppose the field lighting, new public address system and added seats beyond 1,000.  We believe that the use of the field for noisy night time events will diminish our property values, create new traffic congestion and safety problems as well as diminish our quality of life and our ability to enjoy our homes.

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