Charles Klobe
Vice President
Susan Dvorak
Dennis Baker
Jeff Herdman


Dennis Baker ²
Bruce Bartram ²
Susan Dvorak ¹
Jeff Herdman ¹
Jo Carol Hunter ¹
Max Johnson ¹
Charles Klobe ¹
Donald Krotee ²
Andrea Lingle ²
Bobby Lovell ¹
Marko Popovich ²
Sharon Ray ¹
Nancy Scarbrough ¹
Nancy Skinner ¹, 2014 Citizen of the Year
Jean Watt ¹, Co-Founder & 2013 Citizen of the Year
 Board Member Terms
¹ Elected member who must run for reelection by the 2024 annual meeting
² Elected member who must run for reelection by the 2025 annual meeting
³ Elected member who must run for reelection by the 2023 annual meeting

Note: Per the SPON Bylaws, Board members are elected by the general membership at the annual meetings, with all members who have paid dues in the current calendar year eligible to vote. A slate is nominated by the existing Board but additional nominations can be made from the floor.

Members appointed by the Board between annual meetings must stand for election at the first annual meeting following their appointment. Elected Board members must stand for reelection by the third annual meeting following their most recent election. The longest-serving members may need to stand for reelection sooner so that at least one-third of the Board stands for election at each annual meeting.


Don Harvey


(fourth Wednesday at 5:00 p.m., unless otherwise noticed)

January 25
February 22
March 22
April 26
May 20 (Annual Meeting)
June 28
July 26
August 23
September 27
October 25
November 22
December 27

SPON Bylaws (2018)

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