A special “Spirit of Newport Beach Thank You” to the following businesses on our Treasures List, which were selected by our 2017 Contest Winners and donated the gift certificates given as prizes:

  • The Cannery
  • The Crab Cooker
  • Muldoon’s Irish Pub
  • Newport Aquatic Center 

SPON has spent over 40 years protecting and preserving some of Newport Beach’s finest and most important local treasures.If you don’t see your treasure below, send us an image and a note about why it’s important to you.  Click here and use our Treasure Hunt form.

Here are some of the responses we’ve received so far.

SPECIAL FEATURES – Our Unique Landscape

  • Buck Gully
  • Little Corona
  • Inspiration Point
  • Lower Bay Small Boat Harbor
  • Upper Newport Bay Preserve and Wildlife Refuge
  • The Wedge
  • Big Corona
  • The Beaches
  • The Bluffs overlooking the harbor
  • The Coastline
  • Banning Ranch
  • The Hills
  • View from Ocean Ave View Park
  • View from Castaways Park
  • Castaways Park
  • Single story houses and walkable neighborhoods
  • Newport Dunes
  • The Weather
  • Shade Trees
  • Orange Coast River Park
  • Cliff Drive Natural Park
  • Peace and tranquility
  • Fresh Air
  • Sunrise/Sunset Views
  • Saddleback Mountain Views 

SPECIAL PLACES – Our Unique Public Facilities

  • Newport Aquatic Center 
  • Sherman Library & Gardens 
  • Back Bay Science Center
  • Muth Interpretive Center
  • Environmental Nature Center 
  • Four Public Libraries in four distinct “villages”
  • Public Parks
  • CdM Goldenrod Footbridge
  • The Boardwalks
  • Sidewalks and walkable neighborhoods
  • Balboa Island Museum
  • The Dunes Trailer Park
  • The Ferry
  • Fire Stations (all of them)
  • Newport Harbor High School
  • Newport Elementary School
  • The Molly McClintock statue at CdM Library
  • Back Bay Drive “The Low Road”
  • OASIS Senior Center
  • City of Newport Beach Parks and Recreation Classes
  • Balboa Island Post Office
  • Fire Rings
  • Watching sailboat races
  • The Piers
  • The Rabbits at City Hall Park
  • Newport Beach Animal Shelter
  • Upper Newport Bay Preserve

SPECIAL SPOTS – Unique Businesses, Restaurants, and Hangouts

  • Galley Café 
  • The Pavilion
  • Dad’s Donuts 
  • Pizza Pete’s
  • The Fun Zone Ferris Wheel
  • Cannery 
  • Harborside-Pavilion Restaurant  
  • Pearson’s Port Seafood Barge
  • Five Crowns 
  • Sherman Library & Gardens
  • Café Jardin 
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Crab Cooker 
  • C’est si Bon 
  • Muldoon’s Irish Pub 
  • Minney’s Marine Hardware 
  • Rusty Pelican 
  • Catalina Flyer 
  • Newport Theater Arts Center
  • The New Port Theater
  • Regency Historic Lido Theatre
  • Newport Beach Tennis Club
  • Malarky’s 
  • Blackie’s by the Sea 
  • The Stag
  • Blue Beat
  • Wilma’s Patio 
  • Dory Fishermen
  • Our Gang General Store 
  • 21 Oceanfront 
  • The Pine Gardens
  • Rothschild’s 
  • The Alley 
  • Cappy’s 
  • Chicken Coop  
  • The Quiet Woman 
  • Ruby’s on the Pier 
  • Charlie’s Chili 
  • Spaghetti Bender 
  • Community Animal Network
  • National Cat Protection Society


If you don’t see your treasure above, send us a  photo and a note about why it’s important to you.  Click here and use our Treasure Hunt form.


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